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4 Perspectives You Need To Know To Make Better Business Decisions


We make thousands of decisions in our everyday life. Some larger than others, but all important pieces that make up the outcome of our days. When making business decisions perhaps you take action too quickly and find yourself having to pick up the pieces after a rash decision. Or maybe you overthink the big picture stuff and get stuck in analysis paralysis.

If you find yourself wanting to learn how to improve upon the critical choices you make, take some time and review these tips for how to get yourself into the mindset to make positive and effective decisions.


1. Ask yourself: What’s the point?

I’m not saying you should go full nihilist on your business decisions, but instead take moments before big choices or conversations to ask yourself what motivation is behind your actions.

What are you trying to accomplish in your business? What is the best outcome that could come from your decision? Are you speaking up or pursuing an opportunity because it truly benefits the mission, or is it to make a point to others about yourself?

The more times you challenge yourself to be honest about your motivations, the more mindful you can become about the decisions you ultimately make.


2. Stop worrying about who will be impacted.

If you find yourself avoiding broaching certain topics or making decisions that may negatively impact someone else, then give yourself a break. You will never be able to make everyone happy.

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again: If you agree with everyone, how can you stand for anything? For you, my tip is to stop worrying about how others will be affected and make the business decisions you know to be right.

There will always be nay-sayers. This is your time to be confident in your abilities.

3. Business decisions have to jive.

The correct answer will not always be perfectly apparent. You will come upon times when you need to make a decision on little to no information.

For those moments, you need to refer back to what you are trying to accomplish. Ask yourself if the choice is in harmony with your overall business purpose. If you’re trying to eat healthy, raw foods, then buying nacho cheese chips doesn’t exactly jive with the healthy persona you’re trying to put out.

Make decisions that make sense and act as examples of your mission.

4. What’s the worst that could happen? Will you survive?

Do you have a big decision to make? Can’t get yourself over the scenes of Armageddon in your mind if you mess this up? Take a minute, take a breath, and then honestly ask yourself: What’s the absolute worst that could happen? Okay, you got the scenario in your mind? Now ask yourself this next question:

Are you still alive in this scenario?

You see, we get ourselves so stuck thinking about what could go wrong, that we don’t think about what could actually go wrong. When you take the time to articulate the logical and possible outcomes of a negative situation, you often find that even the worst outcome is something that you will survive.

So take the step and learn from the outcomes. You’ll most likely be around to teach someone else from your experiences.

Decisions are only markers on a roadmap. Without them, you will never know where you are on your journey.



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