Inspiring Words: Sinek's Powerful Challenge To Start With Why

Inspiring Words: Sinek’s Powerful Challenge To Start With Why

This week I wanted to share with you all a name which I have mentioned in a few previous posts (this onethis one, and that one).

Simon Sinek

Simon Sinek is an author, speaker, consultant, and adjunct professor. He has been on a multitude of media outlets sharing his wisdom about personal and professional fulfillment. From NPR to The Blaze, Sinek has given commentary to the struggles of the average working person. He often says that 80% of people go home at the end of the day feeling unfulfilled and uninspired by the work that they do. His mission is to flip that statistic on its head. His TEDx talk is currently listed as the 3rd most view video on

Much of my passion for what I do began when a friend of mine showed me Sinek’s video shown below. After watching his presentation I bought both of his books, Start With Why and Leaders Eat Last. Written just as he speaks, these books are very easy reads. You can feel his passion in the words on the page. I have returned to his books for reference repeatedly and I form my own opinions and pursue fulfillment.



If you would like to learn more about Simon Sinek, you can view his website here. and his books are listed below.

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