Inspiring Words: Tom Henschel’s Podcast ‘Look and Sound of Leadership’

So far we have brought recommendations for speakers, Ted Talks, and a few great reads. I hope they have been insightful and have helped you improve your outlook and passion for what you do. This week I wanted to shift away from literature and bring in a podcast recommendation for all of you.

I listen to a good number of podcasts. Since my 9-5 requires a large amount of driving, it’s a great way to utilize time otherwise spent thinking about what I want for lunch. With some staples in my playlist including This American Life, NPR Ted Radio Hour, and the Fantasy Footballers (what? It’s important to know if I should bench Kirk Cousins against the Bills!), there is more content to enjoy than I will every be able to consume in a lifetime. Out of all of my subscriptions, one of my favorite leadership and executive development podcasts is Tom Henschel’s The Look and Sound of Leadership.


The Look and Sound of Leadership

Tom does a fantastic job with each podcast teaching communication techniques, curiosity, and genuine desire to see others improve. Using previous client experiences, Tom gives the listener direct examples of his techniques. Every story teaches you how to answer some tough questions as a leader.

Overall, I highly recommend this podcast and to take a look at Tom’s company, Essential Communications. To learn more about Tom, click here.

Do you have any favorite Podcasts? Leave a comment with your recommendations!

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