A Reminder From Larry Smith About How To Be Fulfilled

In the desire to provide you with wisdom pertaining to professional fulfillment and leadership development, I have decided to begin a series of posts where I bring you books, videos, and podcasts which I have found to be particularly insightful.

Larry Smith

So, to begin this new topic, I have a fantastic TEDx talk by Larry Smith. Larry is an Economics professor at the University of Waterloo. With such dry and, at times, dark humor, Larry makes a compelling argument for those who leave greatness up to chance and make excuses for why they didn’t pursue their dreams earlier, if at all.  Nearing 3 million views, this powerful presentation will challenge your fear of taking the leap to pursue your passions. I hope you find it as empowering as I do!


If you would like to learn more about Larry Smith, you can click here to read an interview done by Forbes.

This video is copyrighted by TEDx Talks. All videos are insightful. Find more here.


What are your thoughts about finding a fulfilling career? 

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