At Inciting Purpose, we work closely with businesses and individuals looking to make an impact through the work they do. Whether it is a start-up looking to purposefully navigate effective workplace decisions, organizations looking to help management improve their leadership abilities, or management is having issues with staff motivation,  we would love to help you achieve your goals. 

Below, we have listed our current service offerings. If you would like to learn more about how we could help you or your business, then please click here to request additional information.


Organizational Structure Assessment

An Organizational Structure Assessment reviews the current day-to-day functioning of a department or division. Employee relations and leadership effectiveness is reviewed through interviews and group sessions in order to determine how to improve the workplace culture.

Once the review is complete, guidance is then given to management on how to implement the recommendations for workplace improvement.

Organizational Structure Assessments are effective for several circumstances, including:

  • High turn-over rate
  • Low productivity
  • Inter-departmental conflict
  • Poor overall workplace outcomes
  • Poor employee relations


Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is a service where we meet 1-on-1 with individuals either referred by their organization or seeking advice on their own in order to guide them on their leadership journey. We provide leadership education, conflict resolution, and mediation in order to help make leaders into more than just their title. We make leaders who inspire

Individuals who would benefit most from this service include:

  • Professionals working in high burn-out fields such as medical, mental health, and social work
  • Professionals new to a leadership role
  • Executives needing guidance on temporary or ongoing issues
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Leadership dealing with staff conflict or low employee morale
  • leadership simply looking to improve


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