Be true to yourself

What ‘The Incredibles’ Teaches About Being True To Yourself

I was watching ‘The Incredibles’ with my wife the other night. It had been a while since I took it out of its box. I was happy to find that the movie was just and enjoyable after these many years! jokes you missed the times before made the movie as fun as the first time […]

Anxiety, Stress, and the Analogy of the Shoes

I read somewhere that people who regularly run marathons take very seriously the weight of their shoes. Whatever way that they could reduce every ounce of material without losing the integrity and support of the shoe, they would do it.  But why? What does an ounce matter to the powerful muscles in a runner’s legs? […]

How To Make An Ambitious Goal Achievable

How To Make An Ambitious Goal Achievable

  Ambition can often overflow when we have a vision of what goal we want to achieve. We think about all of the ways our life, and the lives of others may be better by having our ideas realized. But many people stop with just the vision. Their dreams build expectation without any follow through […]