Never Allow Honesty To Be Stifled By Fear

Some time ago I was having a conversation with one of my supervisors that reminded me how important honesty is to our personal and professional lives.   Trying for Honesty At the time, our agency was experiencing some drastic growth of clientele. It was to the point that even the supervisors were having to manage […]

Coaching vs. Mentoring: How to get the best of both worlds

Coaching vs. Mentoring: How to get the best of both worlds

The amount of literature on professional development could easily fill a library at this point. But even with all the voices in the mix, there are misunderstandings as theory meets reality. Determining the purpose and benefits coaching and monitoring is a perfect example of this issue.  When it comes to the subjects of coaching and mentoring, […]


It’s Not About The Money: Why giving makes a business grow

The other day my wife and I were in the market for a new piece of equipment for an addition on the house. I knew that the price can vary pretty widely depending on the business. I wanted to make sure that I did some price shopping before making a purchase. The first step of the process […]

Psychological Theories to be Competitive in Business

Last week I wrote about the psychological concept of Social Interest. Specifically, how to increase our mindfulness in a business setting. This week I want to discuss the concepts of Goal-Oriented Behavior and the 3 Universal Goals. We will see how these psychological concepts have been used to manipulate sales. We will also see how […]