When Trouble Brews

I had a meeting between a business and their client the other day. The client felt slighted and unsupported by the company while the company felt disrespected and abused by the client. The client and the company would take turns complaining about the other party’s behavior, and the accused party would deny any such behavior. […]

7 Tips To Improve Concentration And Maintain Focus

  We all struggle to concentrate at one time or another. It can be a frustrating ordeal to not be present and focused. Whether in meetings or spending time with family and friends, if you don’t feel like you can concentrate or be present, it can feel like you are getting absolutely nothing done. For […]

What we can learn from business innovation to better ourselves.

Recently, I had the chance to watch a few presentations given by Simon Sinek. For those of you who have not heard of Simon until now, he is a speaker, business consultant, and the author of the bestselling books Start With Why¬†and¬†Leaders Eat Last. If you would like to watch his TED talk, click here. […]