6 Questions To Ask When Creating A Vision Statement

Within a company or startup, it’s common to be inspired by a vision of what you want the world to look like. However, founders often don’t take the time to articulate the true reason that their company exists. This makes navigating difficult choices in the future especially challenging because the purpose that drove the founding […]

How The Hierarchy Of Importance Can Revive A Business

How The Hierarchy Of Importance Can Revive A Business

When working with businesses as they develop their brand, a common question comes up. What is the hierarchy of importance in our company? Some companies have more factors to consider when answering this question than others. Public companies have shareholders, government contracted agencies have federal standards, and non-profit companies have donors. These are all on top […]

How The Simple Miracle Question Can Give Us Vision

Some of the most successful companies in the world became that successful because their founders had a vision of the future that inspired their customers and staff.  Google sees technology helping in areas of our lives never before imagined. Apple envisions a future with our technology being an experience rather than just a tool. Tesla […]

You Need To Adapt With Sales Fail. Remember It's Not The End Of The World

You Need To Adapt When Sales Fail. Remember It’s Not The End Of The World

Living in Minnesota, we come to expect freezing weather in the winter. When February rolls around, we don’t question whether or not it will be cold outside. We grab our thermal base layers, sweaters, and heavy jackets, and prepare for the tundra warfare. No matter what nature throws at us, we Minnesotans know how to […]