How The Simple Miracle Question Can Give Us Vision

Some of the most successful companies in the world became that successful because their founders had a vision of the future that inspired their customers and staff.  Google sees technology helping in areas of our lives never before imagined. Apple envisions a future with our technology being an experience rather than just a tool. Tesla […]

How To Get Started When You Are Feeling Stuck

How To Get Started When You Are Feeling Stuck

  In grad school, I had a professor who had a phrase she would say when students felt stuck. “My freezer was never cleaner than when I was completing my own thesis.” No matter the job, we can all find ourselves, now and again, given a task that is either overwhelming or difficult to even […]

7 Tips To Improve Concentration And Maintain Focus

  We all struggle to concentrate at one time or another. It can be a frustrating ordeal to not be present and focused. Whether in meetings or spending time with family and friends, if you don’t feel like you can concentrate or be present, it can feel like you are getting absolutely nothing done. For […]